Sunday, November 28, 2010

Records for sale

Selling records. Email me if you want any. zakkovalcik(at)yahoo(dot)com


(the) alpha control group (c) - s/t
Annihilation time- bad reputation
Annihilation time - cosmic unconciousness e.p.
Another oppressive system - s/t
Anti-flag/against all authority - split
Aphasia - s/t
Apple - a sensitive facist is very rare
Armed with intelligence/the young ones - garbage picking youth split
Assembly of god - s/t
The awakining - the burning wind
The awakining - the final feast
Axiom - impaled by chaos
Ballast - numb again
Bitchin' - it's on
Bitchin'/onion flavored rings - split
Bleed for me - you're already dead
Born dead - s/t
Brother inferior/whorehouse of representatives - slpit
Mark bruback/whorehouse of representatives - slpit
Capitalist casulties - planned community 6" oop
Capitalist casulties/macabre - split
Capitalist casulties/stack -split
Carrion - s/t
Civil disobedience - in a few hours of madness
Clancy 6/Vincent price's orphan powered death machine - split
Code 13 - a part of America died today
Combatwoundedvetern/Scrotum Grinder - split
Conelrad - bezoar.
Conflict - now you've put your foot in it
C.o.c. - dark thoughts - a tribute to c.o.c. What happens next?/holier than thou?/Caustic Christ/municipal waste
x crucial attack x - s/t
Crucial unit - iced tea
Crucial unit/killed in action - seveninchesofdestruction split
Crucial unit - moshzilla
A day in black and white - solstice
The dead hate the living - take that, world!
Deathreat - runs dry
Deathreat - s/t
Defiance Ohio/one reason - split
Del cielo/sin desires marie - split
Despair - kill
Destroy - burn this rasist system down
Diallo - diagram of a scam
Diallo - s/t
Direct control - s/t
Doom - police bastard
Don Austin - rust belt blues
Dot fucking com - s/t
D.s.-13 - aborted teen generation
D.s.-13/code 13 - 13 song split
D.s.-13 - thrash and burn
Econochrist - another vicim
The estranged -s/t
Evil robot us' - in song and in dance
Exosus/Clancy 6 - split
The faction/2 cents worth - split
Filth/submachine - this is why we are the drunks split
Greyskull/bafabegiya - split
Gunspiking - s/t
Hit me back/out of gouge - the thrashy slumber party pillow fight split ep
Hit me back/crucial section - split
Holier than thou? - s/t
Hypatia - we move at light speed
Hypatia/ robot attack! - split
Intense youth! - summer tour 2003
J church - your shirt
Kaaos - nukke ep
Kill the man who questions/del cielo - split
The leveling - s/t
Limp wrist - s/t
Local 630 - labor songs and rebel ballads
Modey lemon - you bug me
Modey lemon - double 7"
Nofx - fuck the kids
No time left - zero effort solution
The oath - s/t
Oil - better get it in your soul
Otophobia - source of confusion
Phleg camp - beaker.
Plow united/Texas criffer - transcend
Point of no return - s/t
Poxy/contaminated/endless struggle/classic assholes - 4way split
The profits - u.s. Atrocity
Project x - s/t
Q and not u - book of flags
Reason of insanity/race against time - split
Resist and exist - dare to struggle-dare to win
Robot attack - demo no. three point zero
Seven generations/gather - split
Severed head of state - s/t
Siberia - everybody dies
The sound of failure - distress signal
The spark - less slow more go
The spark - fashion rats and status whores
Spazm 151 - power songs for the kidz
Stàte of feär - s/t
Suburban death machine - fuck the scene, we're...
Tear it up - s/t
This time tomorrow - the learning
Thug murder - s/t
Total fury -committed to the core
Turn around Norman - s/t
United super villians - escapist
V/A- tear it up/fury for another/the third degree/crispus Attucks/killed in action/holier than thou? - wild in the streets skate-core compilation
The varukers - led to the slaughter
Virginia black lung - s/t
Vivisick - punks were made before sounds
Zann/funeral diner - split  


No time left - s/t


7 seconds - the crew
Abe froman - s/t
Ac/dc - high voltage
Ac/dc - dirty deeds done dirt cheap
Ac/dc - let there be rock
And I can't wait/ bob barker youth -split
Anti-flag - die for the government
Anti-flag - a new kind of army
Antiproduct - the deafening sound of grinding gears
Artimus Pyle - civil dead.
The awakening - eternal blizzard
Aus-rotten - ...and now back to our programming 
Behind enemy lines - know your enemy
Blood of Christian children - 8 tracks ep
Born against - battle hymns of the race war
Brother inferior - anthems for greater salvation
The casulties - underground army (picture disc)
Circle jerks - group sex
Circle jerks - wonderful
County z - graveyards and grocery carts
Criminal damage - s/t
Criminal damage - no solution
Crucial unit - these colors get the runs
Crude - immortality
Los crudos/spitboy - split
Damad - rise and fall
Defiance, Ohio - share what ya got
Defiance, Ohio - the fear, the fear, the fear
Detestation - s/t
Dfa - destined for assimilation
Direct control - you're controlled
Diskonto - there is no tomorrow
Diskonto - freedom is out of sight
Eric dolphy live at the five spot 1&2
D.r.i. - dealing with it
D.r.i. - four of a kind
D.s.13- killed by the kids
Europe - the final countdown
The exploited - punks not dead
A flock of seagulls - s/t
Flowers in the attic - s/t
La fraction - aussi long sera le chemin
Lars frederiksen - and the bastards
Garmonbozia - s/t
Government issue - joy ride
Guts pie earshot - distorted wonderland
Guts pie earshot - anatopia
Guts pie earshot - wait
Halo perfecto - hospitals in other countries
Harum-scarum - mental health
Harum-scarum - suppose we try
Harum-scarum - the last light
Holst - the planets
HTML/Rick gribenians - genealogies and collaborations
Lard - the power of lard
Lifes halt!/what happens next? - start something split
Lorretta Lynn - greatest hits
Madeline - kissing and dancing
Mala sangre - s/t 7"
Misery - who's the fool
nomeansno - sex mad
Nirvana - bleach
Oh shit they're going to kill us - s/t
Onward to mayhem - s/t
Ozzy osbourne - bark at the moon
Propagandhi - less talk, more rock
Q and not u - different damage
React/spazm 151 - split
React - dues ex machina
Resist an exist - Kwangju
Saxon -crusader
Scrotum grinder - the greatest sonic abomination ever
Shangri-las - gloden hits
Snoop doggy dogg - doggystyle double lp
Soophie nun squad/Abe froman - split
Soophie nun squad - pasizzle slizzles tha drizzle
Special duties - '77 in '82
Strife - in this defiance
Submission Hold - waiting for another monkey to throw the first brick
Submission Hold - unnatural disasters
Submission Hold - sackcloth and ashes
Suburban death machine - not here to make friends
Talking heads - speaking tounges
Tear it up - just can't stand it
George thorogood and the destroyers - bad to the bone
Tragedy - s/t
True if destroyed - s/t
The unseen - the anger and the truth
The varukers - vintage varukers
The varukers- bloodsuckers
V/A- Iron Columns - double lp, crust and street punk
Bodie Wagner - hobo
Wake up on fire - s/t
The weakerthans - reconstruction site
Witch - s/t

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Burnaby is fun. Mickey mouse is dead.

Burnaby is fun. Mickey mouse is dead.  

I always have fun in Vancouver BC. Good folks. Nice train ride. And an indoor velodrome. I did two days of racing at the end of a six week training block following nationals. 3-4 endurance races a day plus sprints on one and keirins on the other. It feels like the depth of talent of endurance racing up here is making some serious gains, unfortunately there weren't any sprinters other than Jamie Shankland, who kindly picked me up from the train station and let me stay a couple nights at his place. 

We did sprints on day one and I barely went sub 12 in my flying 200. All of the rides were 3 ups until the final where Jamie and I would get to ride best out of three. We had an exciting first ride complete with bumping, grinding, bike throws and relegations. Good stuff. Jamie croosed the line first by a tire but lost for taking my dare of coming underneath and hooking me a good one. Afterwards Jamie was inspecting his rattling bike and realized that his seatpost clamping area on his look was busted and not fixable. Bummer. In the mass start races I got to know this mike sidic kid I  had heard about from super champion Tyler. Mike has some good speed and endurance and also comes from a courier backround. I look farward to racing with him more. I managed to take a lap in the points race and it was very hard with a strong bunch driving the pace and then trying to find shelter to recover once I got the lapped in the shattered field. 

The second day was keirins with enduros that don't work on there sprints much. I was wishing that Jamie were racing to spice it up a bit. I won the keirin final. I had lots more competition in the mass starts. But ended up winning the over all for the week with mike in 2nd. 

Managed to get out some while i was in town and get some hang out time with jamie and one of my favorite canadians, emeile derosnay. Also went out for some drinks with some other kids from the track mike, Jenny, jesse, and Sarah.
The next day I got to hang out with Keyln, who I forgot moved there, and another recent transplant, Ross from London. Ross being one of the sweetest dudes ever, got up at 4am and made vegan pancakes before i had to leave st 5 for my train.    

After Canada it was rest week and I was headed to meet up with my dad, grandma and little brother Cody for his 13th birthday and we were flying from Seattle to Disneyland. I had never been there before but was excited for the rides. Another track racing sweetheart, Daniel walker, works at CA Adventure and was able to get us so e free tickets!  Disneyland was fun. Convincing Cody to ride a roller coaster he wasn't sure about and then having him exclaim "let's do that again!" The next day we did universal studios which also fun. My grandma even rode all the rollercoasters.  On the way home we stopped and had dinner at pure luck with jack and Megan. Highlights are my dad repeatedly saying how much his jackfruit BBQ sandwich tasted just like a mc rib. Weird. I stayed the night at jack and megan's to be around 'normal' people for a bit and eat 'real food' before heading back to he hotel in Anaheim and then traveling back home.

Back in Portland it's cold and I'm not super motivated to get moving again. A little more than two weeks til tassie. Gotta power thru. Pics from Disney to come soon!    

Tuesday, November 16, 2010



It's been quite an adventure since I last wrote. First of which was flying home from Trinidad, on my birthday with a fractured back. I opted for the wheelchair and paying someone to lug all my stuff for me. The Miami airport is the worst. 

My back healed up well and pretty quick. Most of the troubles I had early on were with my lower back muscles tightening up and my glutes refusing to work. As was my first race back at mt. Tabor on may 22nd. I made it thru 15 of the 30 laps just fine, then all of a sudden a third of the way up, I just could not pedal anymore. Game over. Luckily,  the race announcer, aware of my circumstaces, made an excuse for me pulling out.

With my first race back outta the way I had decided that I would set my sights on being back in reasonable shape for the tesstarosa velodrome challenge in San Jose in early june. This proved to be quite a bit harder than I thought. I took a small spill at a fast twitch Friday sprint night, then I got a staph infection in my armpit that required getting cut open, then I had an allergic reaction to my antibiotics. This led me right up to race time in San Jose with a rash all over my body that was starting to fade. I had very little training going in so I just had to use it to kickstart my training in to high, fast gear. Racing. Went suprisingly well and I managed to come out of a crash in the Madison unscathed after doing a front flip over the bars, a somersalt, and landing on my feet. I also earned a new nickname courtesy on michael hernandez, white trash ninja, because he said he had never seen cat like skills like that from anyone with a mullet. Well hernandez, it's a rat tail, but since you played motley crüe when went off the front of the points race, I'll let it slide. Also, my teammate Brent had his coming out to show the worls he's a bad ass ride in the Madison. 

After that it was back at training to prepare for that death march that would be late June and July. Raced the swan island crit to test the legs 2 days before the sixday. It was run as an unknown points race and was pretty fun. Then dan harm and I teamed up for the alpenrose sixday there wasn't a very large turnout but dan and I won every individual day and the overall. The alpenrose challenge was two weeks later. The racing was really good and really fast. Everbody's favorite manboy Jame carney was there as well as jason Allen, emile de rosnay, dan harm, more of the usuals and a strong Canadian crew pushing the tempo. We set a new fast time time in the 10mile. Jame won. I got 3rd. Same story in the points race. I blew the miss n out in typical fashion. Dan and I had a decent ride to 2nd in the Madison. I blew a move and Jame capitalized, got away and he and jas stayed away. 

The following weekend was the nuun/fsa grand prix in Seattle. Racing was good here as well with a lot of familiar faces from the week before. Blew the miss n out agian. But managed 2nd in the scratch behind Jason Allen and 3rd in a grueling points race that Jame won. Brent and I had a decent ride in the Madison to get 4th. And he found out that you can go really fast in madisons at marymoor. 

So instead of taking a breather after two hard weeks of racing, I decided to pack my bike and race the far west championships at the encino velodrome in LA. I had been wanting to do this for a while since it's an int'l style ommium and it's put on by Al Nash, who rules. This was the longest day of bike racing ever. We ran thru the entire int'l omnium program but in one day instead of two. Flying lap, 30k points race, miss n out, 4k pursuit, 15 k scratch race, and a kilo. This was also there national qualifier so there were oth events in the middle. Racing started at 9 am and finshed at 9 pm. I rode really well other than losing all my chainring bolts in the points race, borrowing a bike but going down a
lap and getting almost last. I won the miss n out, pursuit, scratch and the kilo, but it was not enough to over come messing up the points and i finished 2nd overall but was all qualified for nationals in sprint and endurance events. I was also ready for a bit of rest. 

I did take a week of rest but after that I went and did the state road race on a whim after Brent asked if I wanted to go, I think as a joke. Assuming I would just get dropped since I hadn't really been thinking about climbing a hill for a while I didn't taken it too seriously and didn't have anyone to hand me a feed in the 92 mile race. I don't think I had ridden 92 miles since 2004. So I found myself in the first chase group and about 80miles in, cresting the hill into the feed zone, I just crashed myself out. Real embarrassing. I caught some wind with my hands on the tops and rubbed wheels and just fell down. The real good part was that it was a nasty chip sealed road and I wasn't wearing gloves. As I frantically remounted and tried to chase back on, I realized that blood was pouring out of my hands and I couldn't really grip the bars. I chased for about 5 mins off and on but eventually gave up and hitchhiked a ride from someone who had been in the feed zone. I was super pissed because I would have done ok in a race that I shouldn't even had considered doing in the first place. I raced on the track the next day with gauze on my hands under padded gloves. It still hurt real bad but I couldn't miss the sugar shorts race.

I did some crits after that. I had high hopes for the Portland twlight crit, but got stuck in a crash and in the spectacular rookie move of the year (more so than crashing uphill) I paniked, hopped on my bike and and started trying to chase back on by myself. That didn't work out so good and I got pulled. I don't think I'll do that one again.  I had a decent ride in the state crit. I took a flyer at one to go and held on for fifth. Road bikes still aren't my strong suit.     

The rest of august and September was spent training my ass off for nationals. Roommates/teammates Brent and Amy and I decided to road trip down to LA, stopping in San fancisco for a few days on the way down to break up the drive and get in some quality away from portland time. I got to see some good friends in the bay I hadn't seen in some time then it was off to LA and the first stop was the crucial vegan friendship picnic. Most of my awesome LA friends were there and even a few very unexpected faces. Oh and more door than Brent, jack and I could eat. Right? After a couple days of straight chillin' it was time to get down to business. 

Nationals day 1. The first day of the omnium kicked off nats. I had an ok flying lap. Could have been better, but couldn't the
y always? Points race. Raced with my head firmly up my ass. Seriously. Miss n out. 3rd. Not too shabby. Pursuit, eh not so good. It was at least under 5 mins.
Nationals day 2. Omnium continued. Scratch race. My head found it's way up my ass again. WTF? And kilo. I had to lay it all on the line and hope for the best. 108.000 and 2nd. I'll take it, would have been tenth with the big guys, but it was too little too late. I ended up tied on points for 5th my time in the pursuit put me in 6th and off the podium. 
Nationals day 3. Scratch race. Rode the qualifier smart and got in the big show. Tried to ride as smart as I can stand. I was in a good spot at 2 to go but hesitated a split second when I shoulda launched, then almost got boxed in, went back, out, around and full gas towards the line. But the top few guys decided to go a little sideways, probably crossed the line at a 45 degree angle in 5th. Old man carney won it. 
Nationals day 4. Points race. Won my points qualifier. In the final I was starting to feel last last few days in my legs but would try to race smart as possible. Got some advice from Carney before and during the race. I was happy with the race as a whole and I ended up 4th.
Nationals day 5. Team sprint. Madison. Team sprint went pretty good. Brian had a great first lap and he didn't drop me. I was really hoping for top 5 but we ended up 6th. The Madison was the most dissapointing race of the week. I rode with sex machine dan harm.  Ian moir and Danny healey got a lap pretty early on. It was a great move. So as they caught, I countered and got a pretty decent gap. Jame and Shane kline bridged up and we were off and movin good. I was feeling good and feeling better as the field got closer and closer. At some point I wasn't sure what happened, but we started to lose ground big time. I did what I could to dig in but in no time we went from having the field in sight to swallowed up. I did my best to recover as the counter surges happened. We managed to get in the points a bit but our race was basically over. We ended up 6th. Some shit went down during the race that I didn't realize. All I can really say at this point is fuck politics and race your own race. 

I feel it was a good nationals. I'm still learning so much and I really apperciate the help I get from everyone around me. Brian, Tank, BRIHOP, Bike Central, Jame, LA vegan crew and many more. 

I'm sick of typing on this iPhone. Stay tuned. Next stop. Burnaby, then Tasmania!