Monday, May 25, 2009

almost there

its been 2 weeks since i was tired and cranky. i honestly feel much better. before i got to rest week i managed to squeeze out a 3k pursuit in a decent time of 3:56.69 and half ass some tired sprints. then it was a glorious full SEVEN day rest week! complete with brunches, drinking, trying to learn how to ride a bmx bike and lots of things not related to bike racing. reason being that in a week my very busy season begins and i wont have time to think about much else til october. (photo: bill alsup)
im leaving for the east coast to do some racing at t-town. also seeing my mom and family and friends, hanging out in philly, eating at zenith, watching the peguins in the stanley cup finals and hopefully playing a show with my band in pittsburgh, sequoia.

before i leave im throwing a track race for messengers and the like on saturday may 30th.


Saturday, May 30th
Registration and open track at 11am
Track instruction at noon
Racing starts at 1pm!
10 dollars to race
FREE to watch

Anyone can race but only a working messenger will win tickets to NYC for the final to win tickets to CMWC's in Japan!
Helmets are required. NO ALCOHOL any where near the velodrome.

Flying 200s
Match Sprints
Scratch Race
Points Race
Miss n Out

After party location to be announced at the track.


Monday, May 11, 2009

tired and kranky

saturday was the eric kautzky memorial track race. i was still feeling canada, kilo and the 200 from the night before in my legs. it had been a long previous 7 days and this would prove to be a long 8th. the gentle lovers were three strong in a relatively small 13 person feild.

first up, 50 lap points. my legs were just not ready to turn yet and i forgot what sprinting every 5 laps was like. slightly overwhelming.there were moves that i didnt catch on to and sprints i didnt win. i didnt triumphantly win the final sprint, but by then it was too little too late.

miss n out or head up ass. either way i was not prepared. things got a little physical and i was caught off guard. at this point were 2 races in and i needed to wake up.

progressive points. ok. i managed to not get dropped or pulled and i even scored some points. not enough to win, but again, the last sprint, all mine.

some how on the day i pulled a 3rd place. and after the race a few of us went and had a nice surprise birthday party for jen from bike central. i got to take home the extra beer. yeah! and since i was so exhausted, my coach told me that i had earned the next day off. that was spent gorging myself at sweetpea brunch and drinking beer on the porch.

Friday, May 8, 2009

yeah, may. eh.

so i took the entire month of april off from racing my bike. i didnt really see the need to do more road racing after i got my upgrade. i did spend the whole month gearing up for track, well when the weather permitted it. dialing in my new bike bridgestone track rig from bike central and relearning the ins and outs of alpenrose. at the end of the month there was a womens track clinic to get new ladies on to the banks that was super fun and heather from team beer (who had never ridden a fixed gear before that night) won the mock scratch race at the end of the session. sweet.

the first few days in may i went with a group of folks up to the burnaby velodrome near vancouver, bc. i raced the 'A' endurance omnium on friday and saturday. 6 races. 1 1/2 days. 60 km total. really fast. i finished 3nd over the 2 day event and chilled out and watched everyone else race on sunday. everyone rode really well. that track is a blast and i dont have a pending fbi file hanging over my head anymore, so i can go there more often. hopefully.

last night was the opening day kilo at alpenrose. i was excited to show off my new bike at home with all the fast bits on it. my bike ended up being a bit faster that i was tho. i ripped out the fastest opening lap by half a second (not bad for a little guy) and held strong for the 2nd lap, but then i dropped anchor, HARD. apparently i still had snap, but my endurance was still zapped from canada. i struggled thru the next two laps and finished with a 1:14.32. its a P.R. but might have been real different if i had been more fresh. per fucking killed it with a 1:10.98 and super steeveo put down a 1:12.48 with me in 3rd.

im realizing that in order to be a better blogger i need to get a digital camera. i always want to wait to post something til i find a decent picture to go with it. nobody wants to read a picture-less blog, well at least not me. but you cant always count on your friend to up load that sweet podium picture from canada for you right away or pat from oregon cycling action to be there every time with a sick finish line photo. i might have to take matters into my own hands. any one have a decent camera they want to donate to my cause?

pictures soon. i hope.